domenica 23 ottobre 2011

>28/02/2012 - some news:
+ New Videoclip "Mai (short version 0.1)" uploaded:

+ Audio version "Mai - ver 0.2" uploaded too:

I.M.d.P. "Mai" [ver 0.2] by I.M.d.P.

+Next release in line:

split cdr w/ Playing With Nuns
Turgid Animal's comp. tape


>12/01/2012 -
I.M.d.P. appear whit the track "Il Maglio Dei Penitenti" on the 4 way split net album "Robert Berdella" out for Abandonment Label.

download here

>09/01/2012 -
Added 10 old stuff to the download archieve. Get them!!!


>07/01/2012 -
Some news: out the new I.M.d.P. work through Placenta Rec., 'Mai', a 3"cd.r. Placenta Rec also release the 'La sua Gamba' album as CD 50 copies limited. Next new release on work is a split cdr whit Playing With Nuns.

>17/12/2011 -
Promo videoclip for "la prostituzione ai tempi del concilio di Trento" album.
Lo.Fi images, weird concepts & the usual dose of West Coast Harsh Dementia.
take a look and then go fuck yourself!

>14/12/2011 - A new album released: "La prostituzione ai tempi del concilio di Trento" 15 Track in 24 minutes! Released as net album by Abandonment Label

download here


>23/10/2011 - Out now the new I.M.d.P. album "La Sua Gamba" after 2 years of silence. The 74th act is available only on free download as net release on this blog.
Go to the Download page and get it!


>11/10/2011 - uploaded the firsts 13 album from the I.M.d.P.'s database for free dowload, this blog is now online, I.M.d.P. is officially reborn.
The 'links' page is still under construction...

but who fucking cares!


>06/10/2011 - After 2 years of silence I.M.d.P. is come back, the old website updated for the last time 3 years ago is still online but dead. From today this blog is the only reference for the I.M.d.P. activities.
Btw, 2 new works are in progress, some additional news very soon. so, stay tuned....

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